Trouble Irn Bru-ing


Irn-Bru (pronounced “iron brew”) is a neon-orange soda that has been a staple beverage in Scotland since 1901. Known for its unique taste—often described as a mix between bubblegum and citrus—it has long been touted as a cure for hangovers and a vital part of Scottish culture. However, this iconic drink faces significant challenges in recent years, sparking concern among its loyal fans.

The first major issue arose with the introduction of the UK sugar tax in April 2018. In an effort to combat rising obesity levels, the government mandated a levy on sugary drinks that contain more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters. As a result, many beverage companies reformulated their recipes to avoid the tax, and Irn-Bru was no exception. Barr’s, the company behind Irn-Bru, decided to reduce the sugar content from 10.3 grams to less than 5 grams per 100 milliliters to sidestep the levy.

This change did not sit well with Irn-Bru enthusiasts. The new formula, sweetened with artificial additives like aspartame and acesulfame K, drew significant backlash from consumers who claimed that it altered the taste dramatically. Social media platforms exploded with criticism, with fans comparing the new flavor unfavorably to the original and calling for a boycott of the drink until Barr’s reverted back to its traditional recipe.

Adding fuel to the fire, in 2019, Barr’s changed the size of their cans from 330 milliliters to 300 milliliters while still charging the same price as before. Consumers felt that they were being given less product for their money, which further eroded trust and loyalty towards the brand. Although Barr’s attempted to soothe its customer base with promises of maintaining quality and running various promotional campaigns, discontent persisted.

Despite these setbacks, Irn-Bru continued its efforts to expand internationally. The beverage has gained popularity in several countries outside of Scotland, including Russia and Australia. However, navigating different markets comes with unique challenges such as aligning consumer preferences and adhering to local regulations—in some places more stringent than those in Scotland.

Amidst these trials, one thing remains undisputed: Irn-Bru has cemented itself as more than just a soda; it represents Scottish identity and resilience. Whether Barr’s decides to continue with its current formula or brings back the beloved original recipe, one thing is clear—the passion of Irn-Bru devotees will not wane easily.

Moving forward, it is essential for Barr’s to strike a balance between complying with health regulations and preserving what makes Irn-Bru special in the hearts of its consumers. Careful consideration of customer feedback and transparent communication could be instrumental in restoring faith in this storied brand.


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