What the Tech? Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s that time of the year to honor the special men in our lives with gifts that show our appreciation. It can be challenging to figure out what exactly to get, especially if you’re looking to impress a tech-savvy dad. We’ve compiled a list of innovative gadgets and tech gifts that are sure to delight any father who enjoys his electronics.

For the audiophile dad, consider wireless noise-cancelling headphones. A pair from brands like Sony or Bose can offer him an immersive experience whether listening to his favorite music, audiobooks, or even when he just wants some peace and quiet.

If your dad is into smart home technology, a voice-controlled smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home could be the way to go. It will not only play music but also control home devices, set alarms, read the news and even order pizza with a simple voice command.

Fitness enthusiast dads may appreciate an advanced fitness tracker or a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Garmin. These devices can help track workouts, monitor heart rates, and even provide on-wrist notifications for texts and emails.

Dads who love their lawn would find a smart irrigation system extremely useful. Systems from Rachio or Rain Bird are designed to automate and optimize watering schedules based on local weather conditions.

For those dads who are always on top of their grill game, a smart meat thermometer such as Meater will make sure his steaks are cooked perfectly every time via an app that notifies him when it’s time to flip or serve.

Lastly, for fathers who enjoy photography or videography, a high-quality drone such as the DJI Mavic might be the perfect gift. Not only is it great for capturing breathtaking aerial shots, but it’s also incredibly fun to fly.

With these tech gift ideas at your disposal, you’re bound to find something that your father will love not just on Father’s Day but all year round!


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