How to Right Brain vs Left Brain Test


The concept of right brain versus left brain dominance has fascinated scientists and educators for decades. The theory suggests that each hemisphere of the brain controls different types of thinking and activities. Typically, the left hemisphere is associated with logical, analytical, and detail-oriented tasks, while the right hemisphere is linked to creative, intuitive, and holistic processing.

Understanding which side of your brain is more dominant can help in tailoring your approach to learning, problem-solving, and even career choices. Here’s how you can test whether you are more right-brained or left-brained:

1. Self-Assessment Questionnaires

   One of the simplest ways to determine your brain dominance is through self-assessment questionnaires. These tests usually consist of a series of questions or statements that you rate based on your preferences or behaviors. Examples include:

   – Do you prefer detailed step-by-step instructions (left-brained) or figuring things out as you go (right-brained)?

   – Are you good at math and logic (left-brained) or better at art and music (right-brained)?

2. Split-Brain Exercises

   Engaging in specific activities can help identify which side of your brain is more dominant:

   – For the left brain: Engage in puzzles, logical reasoning games, sudoku, or tasks that require detailed analysis.

   – For the right brain: Try drawing, free writing, listening to music, or brainstorming sessions.

3. Cognitive Tests

   Professional cognitive tests administered by psychologists can provide a more scientific measure of brain dominance. These tests may involve tasks that measure various aspects of cognition such as memory recall, language skills, spatial abilities, and pattern recognition.

4. Observation of Daily Activities

   Reflect on your daily habits and routines:

   – Do you make decisions based on careful consideration (left-brained) or go with your gut feeling (right-brained)?

   – Are you organized and punctual (left-brained) or spontaneous and flexible (right-brained)?

5. Neurological Assessments

   Advanced methods involve neurological assessments such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) that measure brain activity in different regions under various conditions. This method is scientific but not typically accessible for casual testing.

6. Online Tests

   Numerous online tests claim to determine whether you are more right-brained or left-brained based on a set of questions designed to analyze your cognitive style.

Remember that while these tests can offer insights into your thinking patterns, the theory of strict hemispheric dominance is not absolute. Human brains are highly adaptable and integrated systems where both hemispheres work together to perform a wide range of functions.

By understanding your own brain’s tendencies, you can leverage your strengths and work on balancing skills from both sides for a more holistic approach to learning and problem-solving. Whether you’re an artist looking to structure your creativity or an engineer aiming to think outside the box, knowing how your brain works can give you an edge in various aspects of life.


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