10 Commandments for Instructional Coaches


1. Build Trusting Relationships: Cultivate a professional rapport based on respect, confidentiality, and mutual support with teachers and staff.

2. Listen Actively: Be present in conversations, seek to understand before being understood, and validate the speaker’s feelings and perspectives.

3. Foster Collaboration: Encourage teamwork among teachers, facilitate group learning experiences, and promote a culture of shared knowledge and experiences.

4. Personalize Support: Recognize and adapt to the individual needs, strengths, weaknesses, and teaching styles of each educator.

5. Focus on Growth: Prioritize professional development by setting attainable coaching goals focused on enhancing teaching practices and student learning outcomes.

6. Provide Constructive Feedback: Offer actionable insights and strategies in a supportive manner that encourages reflection and continuous improvement.

7. Stay Current: Regularly update your own skills and knowledge base to provide relevant, research-based advice on instructional strategies and technologies.

8. Advocate for Reflective Practice: Encourage teachers to continuously analyze their own performance in order to identify areas for professional growth.

9. Embrace Innovation: Be open to new ideas, willing to take risks, and ready to support educators in the implementation of creative teaching methods.

10. Celebrate Successes: Recognize and share achievements large and small to build confidence, inspire others, and create a positive school environment.

By adhering to these commandments, instructional coaches can effectively guide teachers in their journey towards excellence in education, fostering an environment where both educators and students thrive.


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