10 of the most memorable Silverstone moments


1. 1950 – The inaugural Formula 1 World Championship race:

   Silverstone hosted the first ever Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix on May 13, 1950. Giuseppe Farina won the race driving for Alfa Romeo, initiating a long-standing tradition of racing at this iconic circuit.

2. 1987 – Nigel Mansell’s “Silverstone Two-Step”:

   In 1987, Nigel Mansell clinched victory in his Williams-Honda after an epic drive that saw him hunt down and overtake his teammate Nelson Piquet. The British crowd went ecstatic when Mansell famously “two-stepped” with excitement post-race.

3. 1991 – Mansell gives Senna a lift:

   During the British Grand Prix in 1991, Nigel Mansell not only won the race but also created one of the most unforgettable moments in F1 history by giving Ayrton Senna a ride back to the pits after Senna’s McLaren had run out of fuel.

4. 2008 – Lewis Hamilton’s dominant wet-weather win:

   Lewis Hamilton delivered a masterclass performance in torrential rain at Silverstone in 2008, lapping almost every other driver and winning by over a minute, marking his territory as one of the sport’s greats on home soil.

5. 2013 – “The Great British Blowout”:

   The 2013 British Grand Prix was marred by a series of dramatic tire failures affecting several drivers. Lewis Hamilton experienced a spectacular blowout while leading, which added to tire manufacturer Pirelli’s nightmares and led to major revisions.

6. 1973 – The multiple-car pileup:

   A massive crash on the first lap of the 1973 British Grand Prix saw nearly a dozen cars involved. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but it required an extensive clean-up operation and marked one of Silverstone’s most dramatic starts.

7. 2004 – The track invasion by “El Presidente”:

   Neil Horan, a defrocked priest wearing a kilt and waving religious banners, ran onto the track during the 2004 British Grand Prix, causing chaos before being tackled by track marshals. Kimi Räikkönen called him an idiot while others expressed relief that no accidents ensued.

8. 2020-21 – Hamilton vs Verstappen collisions:

   Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have had intense battles at Silverstone recently, with controversial collisions in both years that not only shaped championship battles but also captivated fans globally with their sheer intensity.

9. 2015 – Rain Dance for Hamilton:

   Lewis Hamilton won his third British Grand Prix with an exceptional performance under mixed weather conditions in 2015. His skilled tire strategy saw him take advantage when rain poured down late into the race.

10. 1951 – José Froilán González ends Ferrari’s drought:

    At Silverstone in 1951, José Froilán González gave Ferrari its very first win in Formula One by beating Alfa Romeo team leader Juan Manuel Fangio. This victory was pivotal as it disrupted Alfa Romeo’s dominance and ignited Ferrari’s legacy in F1 racing.

These moments underline Silverstone’s prestigious and often unpredictable nature as one of motorsport’s hallowed grounds where history is etched into every corner and straight.


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