15 Twitter Reactions To Target’s Pride-Themed Birds That Have Gone Viral


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, few things can capture the collective imagination as effectively as a well-timed tweet or a viral image. Recently, Target’s pride-themed birds have become the latest sensation on Twitter, sparking a myriad of reactions that range from heartwarming to hilarious. Here are 15 Twitter reactions to Target’s Pride-themed birds that have gone viral:

1. RainbowReveller: “Target’s Pride birds are giving me LIFE!  #LoveisLove #Pride”

2. TweetTasticTom: “Who knew I needed pride-themed birds in my life until Target made it happen?  #PrideMonth”

3. EqualityEva: “Just bought all the pride birds from Target and IDK why I’m crying in the checkout line #EmotionalRollercoaster”

4. HappyHummingbird: “These pride birds are literally the cutest thing I’ve seen all year. Thank you, Target! #Pride2023”

5. CuriousCathy: “Wait – did everyone see those adorable #Pride birds at Target? Because if not, you’re missing out BIG TIME #MustBuy”

6. SkepticalSam: “Call me cynical, but are we sure these pride birds aren’t just a new marketing strategy?  #Capitalism”

7. LovingLenny: “Naysayers be damned! These pride birds are spreading love and awareness one shelf at a time!  #BirdsofPride”

8. BirdBrainBilly: “Can someone explain why I’m suddenly obsessed with collecting Target’s pride-themed birds? WHAT IS HAPPENING  -8b #ConsumerFrenzy”

9. TickledTeal:Target nailed it with these pride birds! Perfect way to celebrate & amplify love everywhere  #InclusiveDesign”

10. HonestHannah: “Simple joys in life = Target’s Pride Birds. Just LOOK at them! #SoHappyRightNow”

11. SarcasticSally:”Next thing you know I’ll be seeing pride-themed squirrels and turtles too  But these birds are cute tho #TrendingNow”

12. KindKarla: “Bought 10 of these Pride Birds to gift my friends and family  What a wonderful way to spread love! #TogetherInPride”

13. WittyWalter: “Target’s pride birds might just be the peace doves we didn’t know we needed this Pride month #PeaceLoveAndTarget”

14. JoyfulJane: “Every time I see those pride-winged wonders at @Target, my heart does a happy dance #BirdsofHappiness”

15. PracticalPete: “As someone who never decorates for Pride, those little rainbow birds might just make me start #HomeDecorGoals”


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