2024 Lexus LS500h Tested: Keeping It Older School


In a vehicle industry racing towards an electric future, the 2024 Lexus LS500h stakes its claim as a bastion of the ‘older school’, blending refined hybrid innovation with traditional luxury. This grand sedan, a recent entrant in the automaker’s lineage, asserts its relevance in a market teeming with change.

Riding on the proven Lexus Global Architecture – Luxury (GA-L) platform, the LS500h takes composure seriously. Its poise on the road is composed of an adaptive variable suspension that reads the road and adjusts accordingly. But that’s arguably pedestrian in a class known for wafting over imperfections; where the LS500h shines is in its spirited yet effortless propulsion.

Under its hood lies a 3.5-liter V6 paired with two electric motors, delivering power through an eCVT to either the rear wheels or an optional all-wheel-drive system. The Multi Stage Hybrid System simulates gear changes akin to a 10-speed automatic transmission, offering drivers a more conventional feeling under acceleration – a nod to those yearning for traditional driving dynamics even amid greener technology.

For 2024, this Lexus does not deviate drastically from its predecessor’s design. It continues to showcase its signature spindle grille and artfully crafted LED lights, but with refreshed accents that speak quietly of evolution rather than revolution. The interior follows suit, focusing on opulent materials and assiduous craftsmanship. The analog clock—a seemingly archaic feature stands as a testament to an era less transient, sitting elegantly amid digital interfaces and haptic controls.

In terms of technology, Lexus’s flagship sedan retains expected modernities such as an expansive touchscreen infotainment system, integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and advanced safety features like Lexus Safety System+ 2.5. Nonetheless, it doesn’t completely surrender to the digitization of experience—a number of physical knobs and buttons ensure tactile engagement remains part of the LS experience.

The hybrid’s performance is balanced; it doesn’t set out to outgun rivals with brute force but serves ample power that progresses linearly—a characteristic sure to be lauded by conventional enthusiasts. It’s not just about power though; efficiency is paramount, and the LS500h offers impressive mileage for a car of its stature.

For those seeking solace from tireless innovation and constant digital intrusion, the LS500h represents a sanctuary. It remains gallant in its pursuit of older-school values—less about altering landscapes and more about navigating them with grace.

Despite being surrounded by competitors brandishing full-electric drivetrains or plug-in hybrid options offering larger all-electric ranges, the 2024 Lexus LS500h stands firm on familiar ground. It serves as evidence that evolution doesn’t require revolution; sometimes it’s about refining what works – incorporating just enough innovation to stay relevant while honoring tradition with pride.

In conclusion, those faithful to the virtues of internal combustion—in harmony with sustainable practices—will find much to admire in the 2024 Lexus LS500h. It delivers an experience curated for those who still appreciate old-school nuances in their modern automotive journey—proving indeed that sometimes keeping it older school is not just about holding on to the past but also cherishing timelessness in progress.


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