2025 Toyota Crown Goes Goth with New Nightshade Model


The 2025 Toyota Crown stands out as a regal addition to Toyota’s robust lineup of cars. Now, with the introduction of the Nightshade model, it delves into a more mysterious and edgy aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. The Nightshade edition sets itself apart with an array of dark features that encapsulate the night sky.

From the onset, the Nightshade model presents a dramatic visage with its exclusive Midnight Black Metallic paint, complemented by darkened chrome accents that replace the traditional brightwork. The Crown’s signature grille, once a bold statement, now whispers intimidation with its blacked-out theme.

Additionally, the Nightshade version enhances its presence with a set of distinctive 19-inch alloy wheels finished in a sleek black, which not only contributes to its stealthy appearance but also promises to maintain Crown’s renowned smooth ride quality. To further distinguish this special edition, subtle ‘Nightshade’ badging is tastefully applied to signal its unique standing within the Crown family.

Moving inside the cabin, the goth theme continues. The interior trim shares the same darkened palette with black leather seats featuring contrasting stitching in darker shades. The Toyota Crown Nightshade eschews any form of bright-colored trim in favor of muted tones that deliver a sophisticated and concentrated driving environment.

Underneath its shadowy exterior, the 2025 Toyota Crown Nightshade retains all the cutting-edge technology and safety features expected from Toyota vehicles. From advanced driver assistance systems to dynamic navigation integrated into the sleek and dark infotainment interface – no aspect of performance or utility is sacrificed for style.

Toyota’s embrace of such an audacious theme showcases their willingness to diversify and cater to a range of tastes without compromising on quality or performance. The Toyota Crown Nightshade edition is not just an exercise in aesthetics but stands as testimony to Toyota’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. It invites those who dare to embrace their darker side to take the wheel and command the night.


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