27 Really Funny — But Humbling — Things Kids Have Said To Adults


Children have an unfiltered view of the world, often leading to hilarious and humbling moments for the adults around them. Here are 27 funny but humbling things kids have said to adults:

1. “Why are you so old?”

2. “Do you know how to use an iPad, or are you too old?”

3. “Did you look like that when dinosaurs were alive?”

4. “Why is your hair growing out of your nose?”

5. “Your tummy looks like it has a baby in it!”

6. “Do you even know how to play Fortnite?”

7. “My mom says I don’t have to listen to people older than Grandma.”

8. “Are you going to grow taller or just wider?”

9. “Why haven’t you married anyone? My auntie says it’s because no one wants you.”

10. “Why don’t you work out like my dad? He has muscles.”

11. “You look tired—didn’t you sleep last night?”

12. “Can I see your wrinkles closer? They make your face funny.”

13. “I didn’t know big people could have acne too!”

14. “Is that dress too small for you, or is it supposed to be like that?”

15. “Can I touch your grey hair? My mommy says she’s getting some because of me.”

16. “When I grow up, I want to be rich so I can take care of the poor adults like you.”

17. “Are those your teeth or did you buy them at the store?”

18. “Why do grown-ups always say ‘when I was your age’?”

19. “Why do adults always pretend not to fart and then blame the dog?”

20. “You sing just like a frog!”

21. “Can you run fast or do your knees hurt?”

22. “Mommy says juice isn’t good for you—but she’s not talking about wine, right?”

23. “Do adults get scared of the dark too?”

24. “When do grown-ups stop going to school? You still go, don’t you?”

25. “How come your phone doesn’t understand what you’re saying?”

26. “Your driving is funny; my mom says so.”

27. “If Santa Claus doesn’t bring grown-ups presents, who does?”

Children’s innocent and straightforward remarks can lead to heartwarming bursts of laughter as well as moments for self-reflection, reminding us about their refreshingly honest perspective on life and the adults in their world.


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