6 Podcasts About the Joys and Terrors of Air Travel


Traveling by air can be an exhilarating experience, offering travelers the opportunity to soar above the clouds and reach destinations across the globe in a matter of hours. However, air travel can also be fraught with anxiety, discomfort, and sometimes real danger. For those interested in exploring the highs and lows of flying from the comfort of their homes, podcasts offer a great way to dive into personal stories, professional insights, and the fascinating history of aviation. Here are six podcasts that tackle the joys and terrors of air travel:

1. “The FlightDeck” – Offering a pilot’s perspective on what happens in the cockpit, “The FlightDeck” provides listeners with insights into the technical aspects of flying as well as personal anecdotes that convey the beauty and excitement of aviation. Listeners are treated to interviews with pilots and industry experts who share their passion for flying.

2. “Turbulence: The Real Story of Air Travel” – This podcast peels back the curtain on the aspects of air travel that can make passengers’ hearts race. From unexpected turbulence to emergency landings, “Turbulence” covers incidents in the air that have defined modern flight safety and changed how we fly today.

3. “Layovers” – A podcast for those who spend a lot of their life in transit, “Layovers” talks about everything from airport design to jet lag cures. It provides a roundup of news and stories from above 30,000 feet, celebrating both the magic and mayhem that come with frequent flying.

4. “Jetlagged Comic” – Blending humor with the realities of airline travel, “Jetlagged Comic” delivers firsthand stories from flight attendants and crew members about their experiences in the sky. The podcast captures both joyous and stressful encounters they face while ensuring passengers have a safe and pleasant journey.

5. “SkyGazers” – For those who love staring out plane windows and dreaming about adventure, “SkyGazers” focuses on the romantic side of air travel. It takes listeners around world through epic tales of exploration and discovery made possible by advances in aviation technology.

6. “Fear of Flying School” – Aimed at helping nervous flyers overcome their fears, this podcast combines psychological insights with knowledge about aviation safety to help listeners understand what triggers their anxiety during flights. With expert guests ranging from pilots to therapists, “Fear of Flying School” offers coping strategies to make traveling a more peaceful experience.

Each of these podcasts serves as a different lens through which to view air travel — some through humor, others via serious discussions on safety or awe at technological advancements. For anyone looking to delve deeper into this subject or seeking companionship during their own journeys through the skies, tuning in to any of these shows is sure to provide enriching content and perhaps even help alleviate some flying fears.


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