Bees Get So Wasted The Hive Won’t Let Them In Again, And 11 Other Animals Who Get Drunk Or High


Nature is full of surprising and sometimes amusing behavior, and the phenomenon of animals getting drunk or high is a curious example. From bees that are shunned by their hives to dolphins passing around puffer fish for a unique buzz, let’s explore some fascinating tales of intoxicated wildlife.

1. Bees: Bees can become drunk by consuming fermented nectar or overripe fruit. When they return to the hive in this inebriated state, guard bees can recognize their impaired condition and often refuse them entry in order to protect the hive.

2. Elephants: Known for their size and intelligence, elephants have occasionally been observed consuming fermented fruits from the marula tree, leading to episodes of drunken behavior such as stumbling and trumpeting loudly.

3. Reindeer: In the wilds of the Arctic, reindeer have been known to seek out and consume Amanita muscaria mushrooms, which contain hallucinogenic compounds. This psychedelic experience can result in erratic movements and altered perceptions.

4. Dolphins: Dolphins have been seen playing with puffer fish, which release a small amount of neurotoxin when threatened. The dolphins appear to enjoy mild intoxication from handling the fish, sometimes passing it among members of their pod.

5. Jaguars: In the jungles of South America, jaguars chew on the roots and bark of certain plants like yagé or caapi vines, which have psychoactive properties. This behavior seems deliberate and might induce altered states in these big cats.

6. Wallabies: In Tasmania, wallabies have been known to invade poppy fields intended for pharmaceutical production. After consuming large quantities of opium poppies, they exhibit unusual hopping patterns that suggest they are under the influence.

7. Birds: Many bird species consume fermented berries or fruits that cause intoxication. Cedar waxwings, for example, sometimes overindulge in fermented berries leading to erratic flight patterns and even collisions.

8. Monkeys: Certain monkeys in regions where sugar-rich crops are grown might eat rotting fruits or grains that have fermented naturally. Their antics after consuming these substances can include playful tumbles and exaggerated gestures.

9. Squirrels: Some squirrels partake in consuming fermented pumpkins or other fruits left out after Halloween festivities. Their playful spins and bouts of lethargy indicate they’ve had a bit too much fun with nature’s brews.

10. Bats: Though bats primarily consume insects or fruit nectar, in places where palm trees grow, some species drink palm sap that ferments rapidly into a potent alcoholic beverage known as kallu or palm wine.

11. Dogs: Domestic dogs might unintentionally get tipsy when they find discarded alcohol containers in parks or streets. Sometimes dog owners report their pets acting unusually sleepy or uncoordinated after such discoveries.

12. Moose: Scandinavian moose often feast on fallen apples that undergo fermentation during cold months; this natural cider leaves them staggering through villages like oversized drunks seeking solitude.

Nature’s playful indulgence reminds us that humans aren’t alone in seeking occasional escapes from reality through intoxicating substances—our animal friends sometimes share this inclination too!


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