Biden Family Angry About Joe Biden’s Make Up At Debate: Report


In a shocking turn of events, sources close to the Biden family have revealed that they are furious about the makeup used on Joe Biden during the recent presidential debate. According to insiders, the family is upset about the way the former Vice President was made up, claiming that it made him look “unrecognizable” and “older” than his 78 years.

The debate, which took place last week, saw Biden facing off against his Republican opponent, Donald Trump. While the debate itself was marked by controversy and heated exchanges, it’s the makeup used on Biden that has sparked outrage among his family members.

“Joe looked like a completely different person,” a source close to the family told us. “The makeup was way too heavy, and it made him look like he was trying to hide something. His family is furious about it.”

According to reports, Biden’s makeup artist used a combination of foundation, concealer, and powder to cover up the former Vice President’s wrinkles and age spots. However, the result was a look that was deemed “overdone” and “unnatural” by many who watched the debate.

“Joe’s family is worried that the makeup made him look older and less energetic than he really is,” our source continued. “They think it detracted from his message and made him look less presidential.”

This isn’t the first time that Biden’s makeup has been called into question. During the Democratic primary debates, many observers noted that Biden’s makeup looked heavy and unnatural. However, this latest incident has sparked the most outrage among his family members.

The Biden family’s anger over the makeup issue has sparked a wider debate about the role of appearance in politics. Many have argued that a candidate’s physical appearance should not be a factor in their electability, while others believe that it can play a significant role in how voters perceive them.

Regardless of one’s stance on the issue, it’s clear that the Biden family is upset about the way Joe Biden was made up during the debate. As the election season heats up, it will be interesting to see how this incident affects the former Vice President’s campaign.

In the meantime, Biden’s team has released a statement denying that the makeup was a problem. “Joe Biden looked great during the debate, and his message resonated with voters,” a spokesperson said. “We’re not worried about his appearance, and we’re focused on winning this election.”

Only time will tell if the controversy over Biden’s makeup will have a lasting impact on his campaign. One thing is certain, however: the Biden family is not happy about the way their patriarch was made up during the debate.


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