Biden Sued by Catholics Claiming Religious Discrimination Due to Mass Ban


President Joe Biden faces a lawsuit filed by a group of Catholic individuals claiming that a mass ban discriminates against their religious freedoms. The plaintiffs, several Catholic worshipers, allege that the Biden administration’s policy unconstitutionally infringes upon their rights to practice religion freely. This legal action underscores a continuing debate in the United States over the balance between public health measures and religious liberties.

The controversy began when the administration issued guidelines aimed at curbing large gatherings to minimize the spread of a contagious virus. While these guidelines were generally applicable to all large events, the plaintiffs argue that the restriction on masses disproportionately affects religious practices. They claim that by preventing them from attending mass—a core component of Catholic worship—the government is selectively impeding their right to observe their religious duties.

Legal experts are closely watching the case as it has potential implications for future church-state relations and religious rights. Proponents of the ban argue that it is not discriminatory because it applies to all large gatherings, not just religious ones, and is essential for public health. Opponents, however, maintain that religious gatherings should be considered essential services and therefore exempt from such prohibitions.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against the mass ban and a declaration that it violates the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom. As this case moves through the courts, it will likely reignite conversations about how to navigate complex issues involving individual liberties and community welfare during times of crisis.


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