Breaking Down the Winners and Losers of Mbappé to Real Madrid


The much-anticipated transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid has finally materialized, sending waves through the football world. With this monumental move, certain winners and losers have emerged. Here’s a breakdown:


1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid stands as the biggest winner in this transfer saga. By acquiring one of the most electrifying talents in world football, Los Blancos bolster their squad significantly. Mbappé’s pace, skill, and goal-scoring ability make him a perfect fit for the attacking philosophy of the club. He also fills the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, bringing fresh hope to reclaiming both domestic and European glory.

2. Kylian Mbappé

Mbappé himself is a substantial beneficiary of this move. Joining Real Madrid represents a dream come true for the French superstar, offering him a platform to elevate his career further. At Madrid, he will have the opportunity to become the face of one of the world’s most iconic clubs and showcase his talents on an even grander stage.

3. Florentino Pérez

The Real Madrid president secures not just an elite player but also a marketing juggernaut. Pérez’s reputation as a transfer market maestro is further solidified, satisfying fans’ demands for a marquee signing and reinforcing his vision for Real Madrid’s future dominance.

4. La Liga

With Mbappé’s arrival, La Liga regains some of its lost luster following the departures of Ronaldo and Messi. His presence can attract global viewership, commercial deals, and sponsorships—reviving interest in Spain’s top-flight football.


1. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

PSG certainly falls among the losers in this transition. Losing a player of Mbappé’s caliber weakens their attacking options significantly despite possessing other stars like Neymar and Messi. His departure could also symbolize challenges in retaining top talents amid competitive offers from traditional powerhouses.

2. Ligue 1

The French league loses some competitive appeal with Mbappé’s exit. Ligue 1 had benefited immensely from his star power through increased visibility and marketability; now, it faces an uphill task to replace such an influential figure.

3. Liverpool

Amongst other interested clubs, Liverpool also emerges as a loser having missed out on securing Mbappé’s signature due to financial constraints or other factors. Their inability to bring in such elite competition underscores ongoing challenges for English clubs competing with Spanish giants on desirable acquisitions.

4. Young Talents at Real Madrid

Mbappé joining Real puts immense pressure on young forwards already at Madrid seeking to establish themselves—like Rodrygo or Vinícius Jr. They might find first-team opportunities limited or be forced to adapt differently within the squad hierarchy revolving around a new star.

In conclusion, while Real Madrid emerges stronger from this high-profile transfer amplified by strategic boosts in their brand prestige and on-field potential—PSG along with Ligue 1 faces notable downsides amidst broader implications across competing aspirant clubs yearning for exceptional talent like Kylian Mbappé’s prowess in current football dynamics.


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