Bugatti Chiron Honors Type 55 Super Sport Designed by Jean Bugatti


The Bugatti Chiron, an engineering masterpiece synonymous with performance and luxury, pays homage to its storied predecessor, the Type 55 Super Sport, with a design that reflects the genius of Jean Bugatti. The Type 55 Super Sport was not just a vehicle; it was a testament to innovation and design prowess in the early 20th century.

Designed by Jean Bugatti, son of founder Ettore Bugatti, the Type 55 Super Sport emerged in the 1930s as one of the most elegant and powerful road cars of its time. It was this iconic model that has provided inspiration for today’s Chiron. The influence is apparent in the Chiron’s flowing lines and aerodynamic form – a nod to Jean’s vision of creating not just a car but a work of art that moves.

The Chiron honors its heritage by adopting several design cues from the Type 55 Super Sport. Its signature C-line, embodying the golden ratio of design, directly reflects the aesthetics that Jean esteemed. Moreover, its commitment to craftsmanship using fine leathers and polished metals is reminiscent of the luxuriousness that set Type 55 apart in its day.

Not only does it pay tribute in design, but the performance of the Chiron also mirrors that superior racing pedigree. With its formidable 8-liter W16 engine capable of producing 1500 horsepower, it is no surprise that Bugatti’s latest creation provides an echo of what made their earlier automotive marvels dominate races and capture imaginations across generations.

In essence, every curve and every line of the Chiron speaks volumes about Bugatti’s enduring legacy. It is both an elaborate bow to its history and a cutting-edge progression into future possibilities. Just like Jean Bugatti pushed boundaries with his designs, so too does the Chiron continue to define what is possible in automotive excellence.

The legacy that began with Jean Bugatti lives on through modern incarnations like the Chiron – a vehicle not merely crafted but sculpted with reverence for an extraordinary past as it accelerates into an innovative future.



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