Chris Pratt Reveals How He Blew His First $75,000 Paycheck: ‘It Went Very Quickly’


Chris Pratt, the charming and versatile actor adored by millions for his roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World,” recently opened up about his early days in Hollywood and the financial missteps he made upon receiving his first substantial paycheck. During an interview with a leading entertainment magazine, Pratt vividly detailed how he squandered his first major earnings of $75,000—a sum that seemed astronomical at the time.

The actor described how, after years of struggling and juggling small gigs, he landed a role that came with a payout that was more money than he had ever seen. “It went very quickly,” Pratt confessed with a self-deprecating chuckle. Eager to celebrate his success and newfound wealth, he made a series of impulsive purchases that depleted his windfall faster than expected.

Pratt humorously recounted how luxury items and high-end electronics seemed to call out to him from every direction. “I thought I was rich,” Pratt said. He walked into electronics stores and upgraded every gadget he owned, buying things he didn’t even realize he wanted until he saw them.

Moreover, the actor spoke of treating friends to lavish dinners and sparing no expense when it came to having a good time. It was all part of embracing a lifestyle that he had long dreamed of while auditioning and waiting tables. The thrill of being able to foot the bill at upscale restaurants and splurging on rounds of drinks for everyone was intoxicating.

But beyond the parties and gadgets, there was also a generous side to Pratt’s spending spree. He shared stories about supporting family members with unexpected gifts and financial help, diving into his earnings with little thought about budgeting for the future.

In retrospect, Pratt acknowledged that this recklessness taught him valuable lessons on managing success and finances in an industry where the next paycheck is never guaranteed. Today, with multiple blockbusters under his belt and a more seasoned perspective on money, Pratt approaches his finances with much more care. He joked about now being a fan of budget spreadsheets and long-term investments—far cries from his initial free-wheeling days.

Through this candid revelation, Chris Pratt not only painted a picture of growth but also connected with fans on another level—showing that despite fortune and fame, celebrities have their share of youthful misadventures before learning to navigate the complexities of financial responsibility.


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