DC Comics’ Super Son #1 in Absolute Power September 2024 Solicits


DC Comics has officially announced the release of “Super Son 1 in Absolute Power,” set to hit comic book stores in September 2024. This groundbreaking new series promises to explore the complex dynamics between two of the most iconic figures in the DC Universe: Superman and Batman, through the lens of their offspring, Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne, respectively.

The storyline, written by acclaimed comic book writer Tom Taylor, delves into an alternate reality where the young heroes must navigate a world that has diverged significantly from the one they know. A shadowy force has altered history, leading to a dystopian reality where their fathers never became heroes. With their powers and abilities put to the ultimate test, Jonathan and Damian must team up to restore the timeline and uncover the mysterious entity behind this dark usurpation of power.

Artist Yasmine Putri brings her distinctive style to the series, with vibrant illustrations that capture both epic action sequences and the emotional depths of our protagonists as they face insurmountable odds. The artwork aims to balance the youthful energy of the Super Sons with the gravity of their daunting mission.

In addition to its core narrative, “Super Son 1 in Absolute Power” will offer readers a variety of variant covers drawn by fan-favorite artists such as Jim Lee, Jorge Jiménez, and Tony S. Daniel. Collectors and fans alike are eagerly anticipating these exclusive editions.

Early solicitations have teased cameo appearances from other beloved DC characters, further expanding this expansive storyline’s reach across the superhero universe. Though details remain closely guarded, it’s clear that Taylor and Putri have crafted a tale that will resonate with longtime fans while also enticing new readers into this compelling saga of legacy, power, and heroism.

Mark your calendars for September 2024 as “Super Son 1 in Absolute Power” promises to be a pivotal addition to DC Comics’ storied legacy, blending high-stakes drama with unforgettable character moments.


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