Delta, United set to restart Tel Aviv flights this week


Delta and United Airlines are set to resume their flights to Tel Aviv this week after a temporary suspension. The airlines had previously halted their services to the city due to escalating regional tensions. As the situation stabilizes, both carriers have announced their plans to restart operations, ensuring that passengers can once again travel between the United States and Israel.

Delta will operate its flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. They have scheduled multiple weekly flights to accommodate the anticipated demand from both business and leisure travelers.

United Airlines is also reintroducing its routes from Newark Liberty International Airport to Tel Aviv. The airline has highlighted its commitment to providing safe and reliable travel options for passengers looking to reach Israel’s economic and cultural hub.

Both airlines have assured passengers of enhanced safety measures in light of ongoing health concerns. These measures include rigorous cleaning protocols, mandatory face coverings, and contactless service options to minimize physical interactions.

Travel experts suggest monitoring the official websites of both Delta and United for the latest updates on flight schedules and any travel advisories that may arise. Passengers are encouraged to stay informed about entry requirements and restrictions before planning their journey.

The resumption of these flights signifies a positive step toward restoring international connectivity and supporting global mobility amid challenging times.


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