Don’t Let The Elite Get Away With Gaslighting That They Didn’t Know About Biden’s Senility


As the Biden presidency continues to stumble from one crisis to the next, a disturbing trend has emerged: the elite’s attempts to gaslight the American public into believing that they were unaware of Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

It’s a narrative that’s being peddled by the mainstream media, Democrat politicians, and even some Republicans: that Biden’s senility was a surprise to everyone, and that his mental fitness for office was never a concern. But this is a blatant lie, and one that must be called out for the sake of our democracy.

The truth is that Biden’s cognitive decline has been evident for years, and it was ignored or downplayed by the very people who are now trying to convince us that they were caught off guard. From his frequent gaffes and verbal stumbles on the campaign trail to his bizarre behavior during debates and public appearances, the signs were there for all to see.

And yet, the elite chose to ignore them, or worse, to actively cover them up. The media, in particular, was complicit in this deception, refusing to report on Biden’s mental health issues or to ask tough questions about his fitness for office. Instead, they focused on his “empathy” and “experience,” while dismissing concerns about his cognitive abilities as mere “conspiracy theories.”

But it wasn’t just the media. Democrat politicians and operatives were also aware of Biden’s decline, and they chose to ignore it or downplay it in order to get him elected. They knew that Biden’s mental health issues would be a liability in the election, so they worked to conceal them from the public.

Now, as the consequences of their actions become clear, the elite are trying to rewrite history. They’re telling us that they had no idea about Biden’s senility, that it was a surprise to everyone. But this is a lie, and one that must be exposed.

The American people deserve better than to be gaslighted by the elite. We deserve to know the truth about what happened, and why the people who were supposed to be looking out for our interests chose to ignore Biden’s mental health issues.

Moreover, we deserve to know what’s being done to address the crisis that’s unfolding before our eyes. The Biden presidency is a disaster, and it’s clear that he’s not fit to serve. But instead of taking action to remove him from office, the elite are trying to prop him up, to keep him in power even as he continues to stumble and falter.

This is a betrayal of the public trust, and it’s a threat to our democracy. The American people must demand better, must demand the truth about what happened, and must demand action to address the crisis that’s unfolding before our eyes.

We cannot let the elite get away with gaslighting us, with telling us that they didn’t know about Biden’s senility when the evidence is clear that they did. We must stand up, speak out, and demand accountability from those who are supposed to be serving our interests.


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