Drag queen Kyne Santos explores how math is ‘beautiful’ in new book ‘Math in Drag’


In a vibrant fusion of art and academia, drag queen and mathematician Kyne Santos is breaking boundaries with her new book, “Math in Drag.” Known to many from her appearances on the television show “Canada’s Drag Race,” Kyne is now channeling her passion for mathematics into a unique narrative that unveils the beauty of numbers through the glamorous lens of drag performance.

Kyne Santos, who holds a degree in mathematics, has long been an advocate for making math accessible and enjoyable for all. With “Math in Drag,” she aims to dismantle the misconception that math is an intimidating or dull subject. Instead, she illuminates its elegance and creativity—qualities often overshadowed by traditional methods of teaching.

The book is a kaleidoscope of colors and concepts that guide readers through complex mathematical ideas with ease and flair. Embellished with personal anecdotes and dazzling illustrations, Kyne artfully explains how mathematical patterns can be seen not only in equations but also in everyday life and within her own drag artistry.

Through her journey, Kyne reveals an intrinsic connection between the precision of math and the artistry of drag. She discusses how both fields require imagination, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of underlying structures. Each chapter draws parallels between mathematical theories and elements of drag culture, offering fresh perspectives on both disciplines.

The engaging narrative style of “Math in Drag” ensures that readers are captivated from start to finish. Whether explaining the principles of symmetry through the design of elaborate costumes or using geometric transformations to describe the perfect makeup contour, Kyne’s infectious enthusiasm makes even the most abstract concepts relatable.

“Math in Drag” is more than just a book; it’s a celebration of diversity, creativity, and intellect. By merging two seemingly disparate worlds, Kyne Santos not only educates but also inspires readers to appreciate the profound beauty inherent in mathematics.

Kyne’s innovative approach has garnered praise from educators and enthusiasts alike. Her ability to demystify complex subjects while celebrating individuality could redefine how math is taught and perceived for generations to come.

As Kyne Santos continues to blaze trails at the intersection of mathematics and drag performance, “Math in Drag” stands as a testament to her mission: proving that math is not just useful but truly beautiful.


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