Electrify America to begin limiting charging to 85% to reduce wait times


In an effort to reduce wait times and better manage its charging infrastructure, Electrify America has announced that it will begin limiting charging sessions to 85% capacity for all vehicles.

The decision comes as demand for EV charging continues to rise, leading to longer wait times and congestion at charging stations. By limiting charging sessions to 85%, Electrify America hopes to speed up the charging process and make it more efficient for all customers.

While some customers may be disappointed by the reduced charging capacity, Electrify America believes that this move is necessary to ensure that all customers have access to charging stations when they need them. The company is also encouraging users to plan their charging sessions accordingly and to avoid charging to 100% unless necessary for longer trips.

In addition to the 85% limit, Electrify America will also be implementing dynamic pricing at certain locations to further incentivize customers to charge efficiently and minimize wait times. By charging more during peak hours and less during off-peak times, Electrify America hopes to spread out demand and make the charging experience more convenient for all customers.

Overall, this new policy from Electrify America signals a commitment to improving the EV charging experience and ensuring that customers can charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently. While the 85% limit may be an adjustment for some users, it is ultimately a step towards a more sustainable and user-friendly charging network


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