Former SpaceX workers file suit alleging harassment, wrongful termination


A group of former SpaceX employees has filed a lawsuit against the private aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company, alleging harassment, wrongful termination, and a hostile work environment. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that the company failed to address complaints of harassment and discrimination, leading to the wrongful termination of several employees.

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of eight former SpaceX employees, alleges that the company’s management tolerated and even encouraged a culture of harassment and discrimination, particularly towards women and minorities. The plaintiffs, who worked in various roles at SpaceX, including engineering, manufacturing, and administrative positions, claim that they were subjected to verbal and physical harassment, including sexual harassment, racial slurs, and bullying.

According to the lawsuit, the harassment was perpetrated by supervisors and coworkers, and was often directed at employees who were perceived as “different” or “outsiders.” The plaintiffs claim that they reported the harassment to HR and management, but their complaints were ignored or dismissed. In some cases, the lawsuit alleges, employees who reported harassment were retaliated against, including being demoted, transferred, or terminated.

One of the plaintiffs, a former engineer, alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment by a supervisor, including unwanted touching and comments about her appearance. When she reported the harassment to HR, she was told that the company would “look into it,” but no action was taken. Instead, she was eventually terminated, allegedly for “performance issues.”

Another plaintiff, a former manufacturing worker, alleges that he was subjected to racial slurs and bullying by coworkers. When he reported the harassment to management, he was told to “toughen up” and that the behavior was “just joking around.” The plaintiff claims that he was eventually terminated after he complained about the harassment to HR.

The lawsuit alleges that SpaceX’s failure to address the harassment and discrimination created a hostile work environment, which led to the wrongful termination of the plaintiffs. The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, benefits, and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages.

This is not the first time that SpaceX has faced allegations of harassment and discrimination. In 2020, the company faced a lawsuit from a former employee who alleged that she was subjected to sexual harassment and retaliation. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

The allegations against SpaceX are particularly troubling given the company’s high profile and its role as a leader in the private space industry. SpaceX has been praised for its innovative approach to space exploration and its commitment to diversity and inclusion. However, the lawsuit suggests that the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion may be more rhetoric than reality.

In a statement, SpaceX said that it takes all allegations of harassment and discrimination seriously and is committed to providing a safe and respectful work environment for all employees. The company said that it would investigate the allegations and take appropriate action.

The lawsuit against SpaceX is a reminder that even the most innovative and successful companies can have a dark side. It is a call to action for companies to take allegations of harassment and discrimination seriously and to take concrete steps to create a safe and respectful work environment for all employees.


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