Getting Morning Sunlight Improved My Sleep. Here’s Why You Should Start Too


Like many individuals in the hustle and bustle of modern life, I struggled with sleep. The cycle was always the same: toss and turn all night, wake up groggy, and consume copious amounts of caffeine to compensate. That was until I stumbled upon an article discussing the benefits of morning sunlight for sleep patterns. Skeptical but desperate, I decided to give it a try.

The changes didn’t happen overnight, but soon enough, I began waking up feeling more refreshed. After a few weeks of consistently seeking out morning sunshine, my sleep improved dramatically. So, why did stepping out into the sunlight each morning make such a difference?

Human bodies have a biological clock known as the circadian rhythm. This natural timer is responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleepiness over a 24-hour period, influenced significantly by light exposure. When our eyes are exposed to natural light in the morning, it signals our brain to wake up by suppressing the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.

This resetting of the circadian rhythm helps promote better sleep quality at night. Research also indicates that exposure to bright light during the day boosts alertness and assists in keeping our internal clocks accurately synchronized with the day-night cycle.

Moreover, morning sunlight also comes packed with Vitamin D – often dubbed the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – which can further support sleep by helping regulate important bodily functions and maintain healthy serotonin levels.

For those who are typically stuck indoors or wake up when it’s still dark outside, here are some tips I found useful:

1. Wake up a bit earlier to catch the sunrise.

2. Take your morning coffee or breakfast outside.

3. Go for a brief walk when there’s plenty of light.

4. If natural light is scarce, consider investing in artificial bright-light devices designed to mimic sunlight.

Integrating early sunlight into my daily routine was not just something that improved my sleep; it elevated my overall mood and energy throughout the day. So if you’re struggling with similar issues or just looking to enhance your well-being, why not embark on this simple yet highly effective habit? Your body (and mind) might thank you for it.


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