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The article “Google Responds: Is Desktop SEO Still Necessary?” by Martinibuster on Search Engine Journal explores the relevance of desktop SEO in today’s digital landscape. Here’s a summary:

The Question: Is Desktop SEO Still Necessary?

With the increasing importance of mobile devices and voice search, some SEO professionals have wondered if desktop SEO is still a priority. Google’s John Mueller was asked about this during a recent Google Webmaster Central office hours hangout.

Google’s Response: Yes, Desktop SEO is Still Important

Mueller emphasized that desktop SEO is still necessary, citing several reasons:

1. Many users still use desktop devices: While mobile devices are popular, many people still use desktop computers for various tasks, such as work, research, and online shopping.

2. Desktop search volume is significant: Desktop search volume remains substantial, and optimizing for desktop can drive significant traffic and conversions.

3. Desktop and mobile SEO are interconnected: Google’s algorithms consider both desktop and mobile versions of a website when determining rankings. A strong desktop presence can positively impact mobile rankings and vice versa.

4. Technical SEO is still crucial: Technical SEO aspects, such as page speed, SSL, and structured data, are essential for both desktop and mobile devices.

Key Takeaways

1. Don’t neglect desktop SEO: While mobile-first indexing is the default, desktop SEO remains important for driving traffic and conversions.

2. Optimize for both desktop and mobile: Ensure that your website provides a good user experience across all devices to maximize your online presence.

3. Technical SEO is essential: Focus on technical SEO aspects to improve your website’s overall performance and search engine rankings.

In summary, Google’s John Mueller reaffirmed the importance of desktop SEO, highlighting that it is still a crucial aspect of a comprehensive SEO strategy.


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