Google URL Best Practices Updated: Don’t Use Fragments To Change Page Content


Google has recently updated its best practices for URLs, specifically warning against the use of fragments to change page content. Fragments are the parts of a URL that come after the “” symbol, often used to navigate to a specific section within a webpage.

While fragments can be useful for navigating within a page, they are not recommended for changing page content. Google’s latest guidelines emphasize the importance of having distinct URLs for each unique piece of content on your website. By using fragments to dynamically change content on a single page, you are essentially creating multiple pages with the same URL, which can confuse search engines and affect your site’s visibility in search results.

Using fragments to change page content can also impact the user experience, as it may lead to issues with bookmarking, sharing links, and navigating back to specific sections of a page. Visitors may also have difficulty understanding the structure of your website if content is constantly changing within the same URL.

To comply with Google’s best practices and ensure a smooth user experience, it is recommended to use distinct URLs for each piece of content on your website. This will help search engines accurately index and rank your pages, while also providing users with clear and consistent paths to navigate your site.

In conclusion, avoiding the use of fragments to change page content is crucial for maintaining a well-structured and easily navigable website. By following Google’s updated guidelines on URL best practices, you can improve your site’s visibility in search results and enhance the overall user experience for visitors.


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