Here’s Why You Won’t See Much Of The Royal Family For The Next 6 Weeks


The British Royal Family, a symbol of continuity and tradition, has long been the subject of global fascination. However, for the next six weeks, the public may notice a significant reduction in their public appearances. This hiatus is not without reason; it is part of a longstanding custom that sees the Royals taking a step back from the public eye during this period for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s a time for vacation. Like many families, the Royals take their longest vacations in August. Queen Elizabeth II traditionally spends her summer break at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where she enjoys the privacy and tranquility away from London’s limelight. Other family members often have their own retreats or official tours abroad that coincide with this period.

In addition to leisure, this period allows for essential maintenance work to be carried out on royal residences. With Buckingham Palace and other estates empty, it is the perfect opportunity for renovations and repairs without disrupting the family’s day-to-day activities or compromising security during public visits.

Another consideration is the parliamentary schedule. The UK Parliament typically has a summer recess which aligns with the Royals’ decrease in public duties since there are fewer state matters to attend to, such as state openings of Parliament or visits by foreign dignitaries that might require their presence.

Moreover, it’s a period of preparation for a busy fall schedule. The Royal Family uses this time to plan and prepare for engagements, tours, and initiatives they will undertake in the latter part of the year. This unseen groundwork is vital for their numerous charitable endeavors and public responsibilities.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is respect for tradition. For generations, British monarchs have adhered to seasonal patterns in their schedule—summer being reserved primarily for private time. This tradition persists as a reminder that while they occupy an institution steeped in duty and service, they too are entitled to periods of rest and reprieve with their loved ones.

In conclusion, as much as royal watchers may miss their regular updates and engagements during these six weeks, it serves as an important reminder that behind their titles and duties lie individuals who value family time and tradition just as much as any other citizen.


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