Hoda & Jenna get real about the mom guilt we all feel when we miss our kids’ events


Being a working mom comes with its own set of challenges. It’s a juggling act that requires balancing professional responsibilities with family commitments, and sometimes, something has to give. Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, beloved co-hosts of the “Today” show, recently opened up about a topic that resonates deeply with many parents: mom guilt.

During a heartfelt segment, both Hoda and Jenna shared their personal experiences with missing their children’s important events due to their demanding careers. It’s a scenario familiar to countless parents – the conflict between attending that crucial meeting or being present for a child’s recital, game, or school function.

Hoda spoke candidly about the pangs of guilt she feels when work obligations cause her to miss out on special moments with her daughters, Haley and Hope. She emphasized the internal struggle that comes with wanting to excel in her career while also being there for every milestone in her children’s lives.

Similarly, Jenna shared her own bouts of mom guilt, recounting moments when she’s had to miss events for her three children – Mila, Poppy, and Hal. Despite having grown up in the public eye as part of a prominent political family, these feelings are no less challenging for her.

Both women acknowledged that this guilt isn’t exclusive to moms but is prevalent among many parents who strive to balance multiple roles. They underscored the importance of giving oneself grace and recognizing that it’s okay not to be perfect.

This candid discussion between Hoda and Jenna highlighted the universal nature of mom guilt – it transcends careers and backgrounds. It was a reminder to all parents that while the struggle is real, so is the love and dedication we pour into both our professional lives and our families.

In acknowledging these shared experiences on such a public platform, Hoda and Jenna provided comfort and solidarity to many parents navigating the same emotional terrain. Their honesty serves as an invaluable reminder: you are not alone in feeling guilty for not always being able to do it all. And sometimes, simply doing your best is more than enough.


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