Horse Armor rides again: Bethesda is charging $7 for a single Starfield mission and after months of minimal post …


Bethesda has once again stirred the gaming community with its latest monetization strategy. Reminiscent of the infamous “Horse Armor” DLC from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the company is now asking players to shell out $7 for a single mission in their latest title, “Starfield.”

Players who have been eagerly diving into the expansive universe of Starfield are now taken aback as they are being asked to pay for additional content that many believe should have been included in the original game. This move follows several months of scant post-launch updates, further frustrating the dedicated fan base.

The contentious mission, described by Bethesda as offering unique challenges and valuable in-game rewards, has sparked a heated debate about the ethics and fairness of paid DLC. Some argue that developers deserve compensation for additional content creation, while others feel exploited after making full-price purchases of AAA titles only to be met with piecemeal content released at a premium.

For many gamers, this has triggered memories of 2006 when Bethesda introduced one of the first notable pieces of paid downloadable content with the now-infamous Horse Armor. While some regarded it as a pioneering movement towards digital microtransactions, it was largely criticized as an unnecessary and overpriced addition to an otherwise robust game.

Those who may have hoped that Bethesda would move away from such tactics are left disappointed, as it appears the company continues to see value – arguably more financial than player-friendly – in this model.

Despite mixed feedback from players and critics alike, there’s no denying that additional content like this sparks significant dialogue within the gaming community. As discussions about fair pricing in games rage on, Bethesda’s recent decision will undoubtedly play a central role in shaping opinions and possibly influencing future industry practices.


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