How to Take a Screenshot on Any iPhone or Android Phone


Taking a quick snapshot of your screen can capture a hilarious moment or record an important message on your smartphone. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, taking a screenshot is a simple process that you can master in no seconds. Here’s how to do it on any device.

For iPhone Users:

Standard Method:

All recent iPhones (iPhone 8 and later) share the same method for taking screenshots.

1. Press the Side Button (previously known as the Sleep/Wake Button) and the Volume Up button at the same time.

2. Release both buttons quickly.

After the screenshot is taken, a thumbnail appears temporarily in the bottom left of your screen. You can tap on it to make edits or swipe left to dismiss it.

For iPhone with Home Buttons:

If you’re using an iPhone SE (1st generation), 5, or earlier:

1. Press the Top Button and the Home button at the same time.

2. Quickly release both buttons.

Just like in newer models, the screenshot thumbnail will appear, which you can click to edit or swipe away to dismiss.

For AssistiveTouch Users:

If you have AssistiveTouch enabled, you can use it to take a screenshot with one hand.

1. Tap the AssistiveTouch button on-screen.

2. Navigate to Device > More > Screenshot.

For Android Users:

Standard Android Method:

Most Android phones follow these steps for taking a screenshot:

1. Hold down the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.

2. Keep them held for about a second until you hear or feel feedback that the screenshot was taken.

On some Samsung devices, however, you will need to press and hold the Power button and Home button instead. Check your phone’s manual if you’re unsure.

Palm Swipe Feature on Samsung Devices:

Newer Samsung Galaxy phones have an added feature allowing you to take a screenshot by swiping your palm across the screen:

1. Place your hand vertically along either side of your phone’s screen.

2. Swipe your palm across the face of the phone all the way to the other side.

Remember that this feature needs to be enabled in settings under “Advanced Features” > “Motions and gestures”.

Screenshot Accessibility Options:

Android also provides alternative ways through its Accessibility settings:

1. Go into ‘Settings’.

2. ‘Accessibility’ and then ‘Interaction and dexterity’.

3. Enable ‘Assistant menu’, where you’ll be given an on-screen menu including a screenshot option among others.

Taking screenshots is easy once you know how!

Remember that after taking a screenshot, whether on iPhone or Android, additional options for sharing, editing, or deleting them usually appear either as notifications or as on-screen icons and options available immediately after capture.

With each update to iOS or Android OS come potential changes in how these actions work, so stay up-to-date with your model’s guidelines for any new methods that may emerge!


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