I Tried the “60/40 Rule” to Lay Out a Room, and I’d Totally Do It Again


When it comes to decorating a room, finding the perfect balance between style and functionality can often feel like an elusive goal. That’s why I decided to experiment with the “60/40 Rule” – a design principle that suggests allocating 60% of your space to essential furniture and the remaining 40% to accessories and secondary pieces. The results were more rewarding than I could have imagined.

The first step in applying the 60/40 rule was to identify the essential furniture pieces. In my living room, this meant the couch, coffee table, and entertainment center. These items took up approximately 60% of the room’s footprint. Ensuring these pieces were well-placed created a foundation for the entire room, making it functional for day-to-day use.

Once I was confident with the layout of my main furniture, I focused on the remaining 40%, which included decorative items such as side tables, lamps, artwork, and plants. This part was incredibly fun because it allowed me to infuse personal touches without overcrowding the space. I chose items that not only added to the aesthetic appeal but also served practical purposes.

One of the most significant benefits I observed from employing this rule was how it maintained an airy and open feel while still being cozy. Often rooms can feel either too bare or overly cluttered when you don’t strike that perfect balance. The 60/40 guideline provided a clear framework that helped me avoid these common pitfalls.

Additionally, sticking to this rule made future adjustments much easier. Since about 40% of my room comprised easily movable pieces, reconfiguring or updating my space for different seasons or moods became a less daunting task.

In conclusion, trying out the 60/40 rule revolutionized how I approached interior design. Not only did it simplify decision-making but it also enhanced both the look and functionality of my living space. If you’re struggling with how best to lay out a room, give this method a try—you might find yourself wanting to use it everywhere in your home just as I do now!


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