In Kyoto, Cos Celebrates the Ancient Art of Shibori Dyeing With a Colour-soaked Collection


Cos, the fashion brand known for its minimalist designs and modern aesthetic, has turned its attention to an ancient Japanese art form: Shibori dyeing. This traditional technique involves twisting, folding, and binding fabric before dyeing it to create intricate patterns. Originating from Japan, Shibori’s roots can be traced back to the 8th century.

In their latest collection, Cos celebrates this storied art form by incorporating Shibori dyeing into their designs. The result is a vibrant and color-soaked collection that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Kyoto. Each piece in the collection exhibits unique patterns and hues created through careful and skilled manipulation of the fabric before it hits the dye bath.

The process of Shibori is both labor-intensive and meticulous. It involves multiple steps: first, the fabric must be folded, twisted, or compressed in various ways to achieve different patterns. Then, it’s bound tightly with thread or other materials before being submerged in natural indigo dye. The binding resists the dye in certain areas, creating beautiful contrasts once the fabric is unfolded and washed.

Cos’s collaboration with local artisans in Kyoto ensures authenticity and reverence for this centuries-old tradition. By marrying modern design principles with traditional craftsmanship, Cos brings a fresh perspective to its latest offerings while supporting and preserving an important element of Japanese heritage.

The collection features a range of garments including flowing dresses, structured jackets, and versatile accessories. Each item showcases a spectrum of blue tones interwoven with white patterns created by the Shibori technique. The garments are not only visually striking but also represent a fusion of art and fashion that resonates with today’s forward-thinking consumers.

In addition to highlighting the beauty of Shibori dyeing, Cos’s new collection also underscores the importance of slow fashion—a growing movement that emphasizes quality over quantity and values sustainability. The meticulous handcrafting involved in Shibori dyeing aligns perfectly with these principles, making each piece a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

For those intrigued by this masterful collection, Cos has made it accessible through both their physical stores and online platforms. Fashion enthusiasts who appreciate rich cultural narratives woven into modern designs will find much to admire in this homage to Shibori dyeing.

In conclusion, Cos’s latest collection is more than just a series of garments; it’s a tribute to an ancient craft that continues to inspire and amaze. By bringing Shibori dyeing into contemporary fashion, Cos connects us with history while celebrating creativity and craftsmanship in its purest form.


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