‘Keep Getting Your 3%’: Trump Mocks Libertarians In Bid To Win Their Votes


In an unusual twist to political campaigning, former President Donald Trump recently targeted the libertarian voter base with a blend of mockery and appeal in his effort to consolidate support. Speaking at a rally, Trump quipped, “Keep getting your 3%,” making light of the typical voter percentage that Libertarian candidates receive in national elections. This less than subtle taunt also acted as a backhanded invitation, urging Libertarian voters to join his base for a more significant impact.

Trump’s comments reflect a strategic move to broaden his support by absorbing the libertarian vote—a small but potentially influential demographic in tightly contested states. Libertarians, known for their advocacy for minimal government intervention and maximal individual freedom, haven’t traditionally aligned fully with either major political party’s platform. However, Trump appears to be leveraging their common ground on issues such as economic deregulation and personal liberty as part of his pitch.

While some may perceive his remarks as disparaging, others might interpret them as a call to pragmatism—suggesting that Libertarians could enact more change by casting their lot with him than by standing alone. Trump’s overture towards Libertarians also hints at the fact that every fraction of the electorate counts, especially when considering the razor-thin margins in swing states.

The outreach is not without its potential pitfalls, however. The mock-invitation could alienate those it seeks to attract, further entrenching them in their third-party commitment. In response to Trump’s rallying call, members of the Libertarian Party have expressed skepticism regarding his alignment with their values, questioning whether his policies as president truly reflected libertarian principles.

As the political landscape continues to shift ahead of upcoming elections, it remains to be seen whether Trump’s unconventional appeal will translate into votes or if Libertarians will opt yet again to “keep getting their 3%,” holding fast to third-party ideals over bipartisan politics.


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