Kevin Costner Refused to Shorten His Eulogy at Whitney Houston’s Funeral Just So CNN Could Air Commercials During the Telecast: ‘They Can Get Over That’


In a world where commercial interests often seem to overshadow human values and dignity, Kevin Costner demonstrated an unyielding commitment to his late friend, Whitney Houston, during her funeral. It is a story that resonates deeply with those who prioritize humanity over commercial gains. When approached by CNN to shorten his eulogy so they could air commercials during the telecast, Costner’s response was firm and resolute: “They can get over that.”

Whitney Houston, a beloved icon whose voice touched millions of hearts across the globe, deserved a tribute that did justice to her legacy. Kevin Costner, who co-starred with Houston in “The Bodyguard,” shared a special bond with the legendary singer. He took it upon himself to deliver a heartfelt eulogy that encapsulated her spirit, talent, and the personal memories they shared.

Costner’s decision to refuse CNN’s request was driven by his deep respect for Whitney Houston and the sanctity of the moment. “This isn’t about advertisements and ratings,” he reportedly said. “This is about honoring someone who meant so much to so many.” His words reflect an ethos that many feel is often missing in today’s media landscape—a commitment to authenticity and respect.

The power of Costner’s eulogy lay not just in his words but in his unwavering stance. He illuminated Whitney’s struggles and triumphs while emphasizing the magic she brought into millions of lives through her music. The world watched as he spoke of her generosity, her humility, and her indomitable spirit.

While television networks often operate under tight schedules driven by advertising pressures, Costner’s refusal served as a poignant reminder of what truly matters. It was an act that transcended beyond the bounds of celebrity culture—one man standing firm in his values to honor a friend’s memory unadulterated by commercial interests.

Whitney Houston’s funeral became more than just a farewell; it was a moment when humanity took precedence over capital gain, thanks to Kevin Costner’s steadfastness. His response has since been lauded as an example of integrity—an instance where respect for a person’s life triumphed over the commercial dynamics that sometimes dictate media behavior.

In honoring Whitney Houston fully and wholly, Kevin Costner also honored what she represented: an artist who gave everything she had, unconditionally. His refusal to shorten his eulogy wasn’t merely an act of defiance; it was an homage to their friendship and an acknowledgment of Whitney Houston’s towering place in the fabric of cultural history.

“They can get over that,” he had said—a simple statement embodying profound respect. And indeed, for those moments he spoke, the world paused with him, heedless of commercial breaks but wholly attentive to celebrating one extraordinary life. In those few minutes, Kevin Costner reminded us all of what it means to be truly human.


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