Lil Nas X Laments He Wasn’t ‘Able To Experience’ Beyoncé’s Country Music Success


Lil Nas X, the rapper and singer who rose to fame with his country-rap smash hit “Old Town Road,” recently expressed his admiration for Beyoncé and his regret at not being able to experience the success she achieved in the country music genre. In a candid interview, Lil Nas X opened up about the challenges he faced as an artist crossing over into country music and how Beyoncé’s earlier foray into the genre had inspired him.

Despite being a global superstar with multiple genres under her belt, Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” from her 2016 album “Lemonade” saw her embracing her Texan roots with a country flair. The song garnered critical acclaim and highlighted her versatility as an artist able to transcend genres seamlessly. However, it also sparked discussions about genre boundaries and who gets to be included within them.

Lil Nas X lamented that he wasn’t around to see Beyoncé’s country stint reach its full potential in real-time, suggesting that it could have been a significant moment for artists like him who straddle genre lines. His regret is perhaps rooted in the recognition that Beyoncé’s acceptance within country circles might have paved the way for greater inclusivity within the genre, allowing more diverse artists to participate without facing gatekeeping resistance.

As an openly gay Black musician in a genre historically dominated by white artists, Lil Nas X has faced his fair share of hurdles. Despite this, “Old Town Road” broke records by dominating the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 19 weeks straight. However, it was not without controversy as it was famously removed from Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, sparking debates about race and inclusivity in country music.

Lil Nas X’s acknowledgment of Beyoncé’s influence reflects his understanding of the complex dynamics of musical genres and industry politics. While he has created his own path to success with his unique style and unabashedly authentic self-expression, he seems to yearn for a music world where there are no boundaries, drawing inspiration from those who have attempted to break down barriers before him.

Both artists represent progress in their respective ways; while their paths did not directly intersect at the heights of their country music explorations, Lil Nas X’s respect for Beyoncé illustrates how she continues to inspire the next generation of musicians to dream big and challenge norms. The young artist’s musings serve as a reminder of how much impact trailblazers can have on those who walk paths lit by their precedent-setting careers.


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