Meryl Streep’s Daughter Louisa Jacobson Gummer Comes Out As Queer, Introduces New Girlfriend


In a heartwarming and empowering move, Louisa Jacobson Gummer, the daughter of legendary actress Meryl Streep, has publicly come out as queer and introduced her new girlfriend to the world.

The 29-year-old model and actress took to social media to share the exciting news, posting a series of adorable photos with her partner, a woman named Olivia. In the caption, Louisa wrote, “I’m so happy to finally be able to share this part of myself with all of you. I’m queer, and I’m in love!”

The post was met with an outpouring of support and congratulations from fans and friends alike, with many praising Louisa for her bravery and authenticity. Meryl Streep, known for her own trailblazing career and commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, was likely beaming with pride over her daughter’s announcement.

Louisa, who has modeled for top brands and appeared in several films and TV shows, has always been private about her personal life. However, with this bold move, she is helping to pave the way for greater visibility and acceptance of the queer community.

In an era where LGBTQ+ individuals still face discrimination and marginalization, Louisa’s decision to come out is a powerful statement of self-love and self-acceptance. By sharing her truth with the world, she is inspiring others to do the same, and helping to create a more inclusive and accepting society.

Olivia, Louisa’s new girlfriend, is a talented artist and musician who has also been open about her own queer identity. The couple’s love and support for each other are palpable in the photos they’ve shared, and it’s clear that they’re meant to be.

As Louisa and Olivia embark on this new chapter in their lives, they’re doing so with the love and support of their friends, family, and fans. Meryl Streep, known for her fierce advocacy and love for her children, is undoubtedly thrilled to see her daughter living her truth and finding happiness with the one she loves.

In a world that still has a long way to go in terms of LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, Louisa Jacobson Gummer’s coming out is a beacon of hope and inspiration. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented and courageous young woman, and her beautiful girlfriend Olivia. Congratulations, Louisa and Olivia, on your love and your bravery!


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