National Academies Report: COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Cause Many Potential Harms


In a recent publication, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have made it clear that COVID-19 vaccines do not cause many of the potential harms that have been widely speculated. Their exhaustive review included a broad spectrum of potential adverse effects and found no substantial evidence linking COVID-19 vaccines to numerous conditions that have been subjects of public concern.

The report’s conclusions stem from rigorous analysis of numerous studies and data sources. Specifically, the panel scrutinized cases purportedly related to vaccine side effects and parsed through datasets to determine patterns or statistically significant occurrences. Their comprehensive research indicates that while mild and temporary side effects are common, severe adverse events are exceedingly rare.

The National Academies’ findings play a crucial role in public health policy as they provide credible assurance regarding vaccine safety. This information is vital, especially in combating vaccine hesitancy fueled by misinformation. The report also highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and transparent reporting to maintain public trust.

Overall, the publication reinforces confidence in COVID-19 vaccines, emphasizing their safety and efficacy in mitigating the pandemic’s impacts without causing many of the potential harms people feared.


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