Nikki Haley posts tribute to father, who she says died on Father’s Day


Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley took to social media to post a heartfelt tribute to her father, Ajit Singh Randhawa, who passed away on Father’s Day. In her post, Haley expressed profound grief and shared some of the most cherished memories she had with her father. Describing him as her “hero” and “greatest supporter,” she highlighted the role he played in her life as a mentor and guiding force.

Haley’s tribute was accompanied by photos of moments they had shared over the years, showcasing both public and private familial bonds. The tribute resonated with many followers who echoed their condolences and shared their own stories of loss and remembrance.

Ajit Singh Randhawa immigrated from India to the United States, where he established himself as a university professor. His legacy, as recounted by his daughter, will be marked by his dedication to education and his unwavering support for his family.

Nikki Haley’s homage struck a chord globally, reflecting the universal experience of losing a loved one while celebrating their enduring impact on one’s life.


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