Orlando women’s pro sports business on the rise, both inside and outside the game


In recent years, Orlando has witnessed significant growth in women’s professional sports, marking a remarkable evolution both within the games and through business ventures outside of traditional competition. This surge reflects broader trends towards embracing and empowering female athletes and executives.

One prominent example is the Orlando Pride, NWSL’s professional women’s soccer team, which has seen increasing fan support and media attention. The team’s success on the field has translated into higher attendance rates and lucrative sponsorship deals, showcasing an increasing appetite for women’s sports among Orlando’s diverse population.

Similarly, women are making their mark in basketball with the Orlando Miracle’s influence growing in community outreach and fan engagement strategies. The impact of visibility within male-dominated sports continues to inspire young female athletes in the region, providing them with role models who exemplify dedication and success.

Interestingly, it’s not just athletes pushing boundaries. Business roles held by women in sports franchises are expanding as well. From corporate management to marketing strategies, women are leading initiatives that drive revenue growth and enhance brand loyalty. Leaders like Amanda Duffy, the executive vice president of Orlando City SC (the parent company of Orlando Pride), play instrumental roles in restructuring organizational strategies to be more inclusive and innovative.

Moreover, partnerships between sporting entities and local businesses owned by women have drawn attention to the economic benefits linked to gender diversity. Events hosted by these partnerships shed light on networking opportunities that empower women in various facets ranging from entrepreneurship to corporate leadership.

Additionally, educational programs aimed at young girls interested in sports management or athletic careers have been developed to ensure future generations are well-prepared to sustain this momentum. Schooling options now increasingly include specialized curriculums focused on athletic performance closely integrated with business acumen and leadership skills.

In conclusion, the rise of women’s professional sports in Orlando encompasses far more than what happens during game time. It extends into realms of increased audience engagement, business innovation led by female executives, inspiring educational programs for the next generation, and a strengthened local economy due to thoughtful collaborations. As societal attitudes towards women’s participation in sport continue to evolve positively, Orlando stands as a beacon for what can be achieved when we collectively support our female athletes both inside and outside the arena.


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