Pushkin Press Acquires Steerforth Press and Hanover Publisher Services


In a significant move within the publishing industry, Pushkin Press has announced its acquisition of Steerforth Press and Hanover Publisher Services. This acquisition represents a strategic expansion for Pushkin Press, well-known for its strong catalog of international literature.

Founded in 1997 in the United Kingdom, Pushkin Press has established itself as a publisher of high-quality fiction, children’s books, and essays from around the world. With this latest move, Pushkin broadens its reach and solidifies its position in the international literary community.

Steerforth Press, an independent publisher founded in 1993, has built a reputable name for itself in publishing compelling narrative non-fiction and literary fiction. Their dedication to uncovering remarkable stories and voices makes them a perfect addition to the Pushkin family.

Hanover Publisher Services further extends the influence of Pushihan Press by providing comprehensive sales, marketing, and distribution services to independent publishers. Their inclusion in this acquisition deal will enhance Pushkin’s distribution capabilities and provide existing Hanover clientele with access to international distribution networks.

This consolidation underlines Pushkin’s commitment to bringing diverse voices to a global audience. The blending of Steerforth’s curated titles and Hanover’s distribution prowess with Pushkin’s celebrated tradition of literary excellence marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in book publishing.

With readers increasingly seeking varied perspectives that cross cultural boundaries, Pushkin’s new acquisitions make it uniquely positioned to cater to this growing demand. Fans of literature can expect an enriched roster of unique narratives that promise to challenge, entertain, and inspire.

Industry experts see this acquisition as a positive move for increasing reader access to a wider array when it comes to quality literature. As these three entities join forces under the Pushkin banner, the literary world eagerly anticipates the new frontiers that will be explored through their combined efforts.


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