Ray J Says ‘There May Not Be Any OnlyFans’ Without His & Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape


In a candid interview, Ray J discussed the impact of his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian on the current landscape of online adult content platforms. He stated that the tape, which was released in 2007, played a pivotal role in shaping public perception and acceptance of monetized adult content.

Ray J emphasized that their tape broke barriers and set a precedent for celebrities utilizing their personal lives to generate income through digital means. He remarked that platforms like OnlyFans owe part of their success to the cultural shift initiated by their controversial video.

“The sex tape changed everything,” Ray J explained. “It opened up discussions about privacy, consent, and monetization of personal content which ultimately led to the creation and massive success of platforms like OnlyFans.”

While acknowledging the complicated legacy of the tape, Ray J stands firm in his belief that it played an integral role in evolving attitudes towards online adult entertainment.


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