Report: EU set to fine Apple for failing to comply with the DMA


In a move that could have significant implications for the tech giant, the European Union is reportedly preparing to fine Apple for failing to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA, which came into effect in November 2022, aims to regulate the behavior of large digital platforms and ensure a level playing field for businesses operating in the EU.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple has failed to meet the requirements set out in the DMA, which includes provisions related to data sharing, interoperability, and fair treatment of business users. The EU’s antitrust regulators have been investigating Apple’s practices for several months, and it appears that the company has not done enough to address the concerns raised.

The fine, which could be as high as 10% of Apple’s annual turnover, would be a significant blow to the company’s reputation and bottom line. Apple’s annual turnover is estimated to be around $300 billion, which would put the potential fine at a staggering $30 billion.

The DMA is a landmark piece of legislation that aims to curb the power of large tech companies and promote competition in the digital market. The law sets out a range of requirements for companies designated as “gatekeepers,” including Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These companies are required to ensure that their platforms are open and interoperable, and that they do not unfairly favor their own services over those of their competitors.

Apple has been accused of violating several provisions of the DMA, including its failure to provide developers with access to its App Store payment system, and its restrictions on the use of third-party payment systems. The company has also been criticized for its treatment of app developers, who have complained about the high fees charged by Apple for access to its platform.

The EU’s decision to fine Apple is likely to be seen as a major victory for app developers and other businesses that have been critical of the company’s practices. It is also likely to send a strong message to other tech companies that the EU is serious about enforcing its competition laws and promoting a level playing field in the digital market.

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said that the company was “committed to complying with the DMA and working with the EU to ensure that our platforms are open and interoperable.” However, the company’s actions to date suggest that it has not taken the necessary steps to address the concerns raised by the EU’s antitrust regulators.

The fine is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, and it is likely to be a major blow to Apple’s reputation and financial performance. The company’s shares have already taken a hit in recent months, and the fine could lead to further declines.

In conclusion, the EU’s decision to fine Apple for failing to comply with the DMA is a significant development that highlights the importance of regulating the behavior of large tech companies. The fine is likely to have major implications for Apple and the wider tech industry, and it serves as a reminder that companies must comply with the law and treat their business partners fairly.


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