Rosy Picture For Used Car Prices As June Chalks Up A Minor 0.1% Fall In Values


The used car market has continued to defy expectations, with prices experiencing a mere 0.1% decline in June, according to the latest industry data. This minor dip in values is a far cry from the significant drops many had predicted, and instead, paints a rosy picture for the sector.

Industry experts had anticipated a more substantial decrease in used car prices, given the ongoing challenges facing the automotive market. However, the resilience of the sector has been demonstrated once again, with prices remaining remarkably stable.

The 0.1% fall in June follows a similar pattern seen in previous months, with prices experiencing only marginal declines. This trend suggests that the used car market is continuing to hold its value, despite the uncertainty surrounding the global economy.

So, what’s behind this unexpected stability in used car prices? Several factors are contributing to this rosy picture.

Supply and Demand

One key reason is the balance between supply and demand. While new car sales have been sluggish in recent months, the demand for used cars has remained strong. This has created a seller’s market, where prices are being supported by a shortage of quality used vehicles.

Low Interest Rates

Another factor is the current low-interest-rate environment. With borrowing costs at historic lows, consumers are more likely to take out loans to purchase used cars, which is helping to maintain prices.

Increased Quality

The quality of used cars has also improved significantly in recent years. Many modern vehicles are built to last, with advanced technology and better manufacturing processes resulting in longer lifespans. This means that used cars are holding their value for longer, as they remain reliable and desirable to buyers.

Certified Pre-Owned Programs

The growth of certified pre-owned (CPO) programs has also played a role in supporting used car prices. These programs, offered by manufacturers and dealerships, provide buyers with added peace of mind, as they guarantee the quality and condition of the vehicle. CPO vehicles typically command a premium price, which is helping to maintain values across the sector.

What’s Next?

While the used car market is currently experiencing a period of stability, there are still challenges on the horizon. The ongoing trade tensions and Brexit uncertainty could impact consumer confidence and spending habits, which may, in turn, affect used car prices.

However, for now, the outlook remains positive. With supply and demand in balance, low interest rates, and improved quality, the used car market is well-positioned to continue its steady performance.

As we move into the second half of the year, it will be interesting to see how the market responds to any changes in the economic landscape. One thing is certain, though – the used car sector has proven its resilience, and prices are likely to remain stable in the short term.

For buyers and sellers alike, this rosy picture is welcome news. Whether you’re in the market for a reliable used car or looking to sell your current vehicle, the current conditions are certainly favorable. So, if you’re considering a used car purchase or sale, now may be the perfect time to take advantage of the stable market.


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