‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Reminded Blu del Barrio Why Playing Canonically Non-Binary Characters Is So Important


In recent years, television and film have become more inclusive, offering a diverse range of characters that reflect the varied identities of their audience. One such breakthrough moment happened with the introduction of Adira Tal, a non-binary character on “Star Trek: Discovery.” Actor Blu del Barrio, who portrays Adira, has found this role to be deeply significant not only for their career but also for the broader representation of non-binary individuals on screen.

Before landing the role, del Barrio was navigating their own journey of self-discovery and coming to terms with their non-binary identity. The opportunity to portray Adira on a globally recognized platform like “Star Trek” provided them with an unparalleled chance to bring authentic representation to a wide audience. Both fans and critics have lauded the inclusion, recognizing it as a step forward in mainstream media.

Playing a canonically non-binary character allowed del Barrio to merge their personal experiences with their professional craft. This blend helped bring depth and authenticity to Adira’s storyline, showcasing the complexities and nuances of living as a non-binary person. It also offered del Barrio a unique way to process and affirm their own identity in a public yet creative manner.

Representation in media is powerful; it shapes perceptions and fosters understanding. For many viewers, seeing Adira’s journey on screen has provided validation and visibility that is often lacking in other facets of life. Moreover, it has opened up conversations about gender identity and inclusivity, both within the fan community and beyond.

Del Barrio’s portrayal of Adira Tal stands as a milestone in television history. It serves as a reminder of why it is crucial to have diverse characters that resonate with underrepresented communities. By portraying genuine and multifaceted experiences, these characters can inspire empathy, understanding, and acceptance among viewers.

For Blu del Barrio, this role is more than just an acting gig—it is a beacon of progress for non-binary representation in media. It underscores the importance of telling authentic stories that honor the lived experiences of all individuals. As society continues to evolve, it’s essential that our media does too, reflecting the rich tapestry of human identity in all its forms.


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