Tennis Clubs Grapple With Surge In Demand For Padel And Pickleball


The tennis industry has long been the bastion of traditional racket sports, with clubs and courts catering to enthusiasts of the game. However, in recent years, two new sports have emerged to challenge tennis’s dominance: padel and pickleball. These fast-growing sports have taken the world by storm, and tennis clubs are struggling to keep up with the surge in demand.

The Rise of Padel and Pickleball

Padel, a sport that originated in Spain in the 1970s, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past decade. Played on a court smaller than a tennis court, with walls and a low-bouncing ball, padel is a fast-paced, social game that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. Its popularity has spread rapidly across Europe and the Americas, with the International Padel Federation estimating that there are now over 10 million players worldwide.

Pickleball, a sport that originated in the United States in the 1960s, has also experienced a significant surge in popularity. Played on a badminton-sized court with paddles and a plastic ball, pickleball is a fun, easy-to-learn game that has become a favorite among seniors and families. The USA Pickleball Association estimates that there are now over 3.5 million players in the United States alone.

Tennis Clubs Feel the Pressure

As the popularity of padel and pickleball continues to grow, tennis clubs are feeling the pressure. Many clubs are struggling to accommodate the demand for these new sports, with courts and facilities being stretched to the limit. Some clubs are even reporting that they are having to turn away would-be players due to a lack of available court time.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for padel and pickleball courts over the past year,” said Sarah Johnson, manager of the Oakwood Tennis Club in California. “We’re doing our best to accommodate everyone, but it’s getting to the point where we’re having to prioritize our members and limit court time for non-members.”

Challenges and Opportunities

The surge in demand for padel and pickleball presents both challenges and opportunities for tennis clubs. On the one hand, the increased demand for court time and facilities can put a strain on resources and staff. On the other hand, the growth of these new sports can bring in new revenue streams and attract a wider range of members.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from people who have never played tennis before, but are interested in trying padel or pickleball,” said Mark Davis, owner of the Riverview Tennis Club in Florida. “This is a great opportunity for us to attract new members and grow our business.”

Adapting to the Changing Landscape

To adapt to the changing landscape, tennis clubs are having to think outside the box. Some clubs are investing in new facilities and courts specifically designed for padel and pickleball, while others are offering lessons and programs tailored to these sports.

“We’re offering padel and pickleball lessons and clinics, as well as social events and tournaments,” said Johnson. “We’re also looking at ways to convert some of our tennis courts into padel and pickleball courts to meet the demand.”


The surge in demand for padel and pickleball is a wake-up call for the tennis industry. As these new sports continue to grow in popularity, tennis clubs will need to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of their members. By investing in new facilities, programs, and services, tennis clubs can not only survive but thrive in this new landscape.

As Davis noted, “The growth of padel and pickleball is a great opportunity for tennis clubs to diversify and attract new members. We just need to be willing to adapt and innovate to meet the changing demands of our customers.”


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