Watch the Starliner spacecraft star in its own aurora video


On May 20, the Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft achieved a significant milestone, as it embarked on an uncrewed mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Not only did this flight test mark a key step toward certifying the spacecraft for crewed missions, but it also produced a captivating sight: a mesmerizing video of the Starliner against the backdrop of an aurora.

NASA’s groundbreaking footage showcases the dynamic beauty of an aurora – curtains of lights caused by particles from the sun colliding with Earth’s atmosphere. The video captures these shimmering auroras in stunning detail, with hues of green and red light painting the night sky. The Starliner appears as a small but distinct figure moving gracefully through the scene, its journey illuminated by Earth’s natural light show.

This captivating visual serves more than just aesthetic purposes; it symbolizes technological advancement and human achievement. The Starliner’s successful mission, which involved docking with the ISS autonomously, underscores significant progress for Boeing’s collaboration with NASA as part of the Commercial Crew Program. By replacing previously retired space shuttle programs, this mission signals a new era in space travel where private companies play integral roles in exploring beyond Earth’s orbit.

Ultimately, these breathtaking visuals of the Starliner amidst an aurora not only inspire awe regarding our universe’s natural wonders but also mark a pivotal moment in space exploration. As preparations advance towards crewed missions, securing safe passage for astronauts to and from space continues to be humanity’s next bold step into the cosmos.


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