All the Celebrity Couples Who Have Broken Up in 2024


As 2024 has rolled on, the world of entertainment has seen its share of heartache as a number of celebrity couples decided to go their separate ways. Here’s a rundown of famous pairings whose relationships have come to an end this year.

Firstly, the music industry was taken aback by the split of pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo and her indie rockstar beau Adam Faze. The young couple, who had first gone public with their affection in late 2023, cited the pressures of their skyrocketing careers and the challenges of a long-distance relationship as reasons for their breakup.

The A-list Hollywood realm wasn’t spared from the breakup bug either. Actor Chris Evans and actress Lily James, after months of speculation and rare but sweet public sightings that set their fan bases into frenzy, confirmed that they had amicably parted ways. Despite their brief romantic chapter, both stars expressed continued respect and support for one another’s endeavours.

Influencers also found themselves navigating splits. YouTube personalities David Dobrik and Liza Koshy, who had rekindled their relationship after a previous breakup, shocked fans by announcing that they were once again going on separate paths. Both emphasized the importance of remaining friends and supporting each other’s personal growth.

Television stars weren’t immune to breakups, with ‘Riverdale’ co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart ending their on-and-off romance once more. Despite multiple reconciliations in the past, sources close to the pair mentioned that they’ve finally closed that chapter in their lives to focus on respective solo journeys.

Furthermore, the sports world felt a ripple when Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian announced a separation after several years of marriage. The tennis icon and Reddit co-founder shared through a joint statement their commitment to co-parenting their daughter lovingly while navigating this life change with respect for each other.

Lastly, perhaps one of the most surprising splits came from royal circles where Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco and French film producer Dimitri Rassam decided to dissolve their marriage. While maintaining privacy during these personal moments, they assured the public of maintaining a harmonious family environment for their children.

The wave of separations this year reminds us that even in stardom’s spotlight, relationships can face trials similar to those experienced by individuals at all levels of society. These celebrities have chosen paths toward personal happiness and fulfillment, sometimes requiring difficult decisions like ending a romantic relationship. As we observe these partings within the celebrity sphere, it brings forward a universal truth: Love is complex, regardless of fame or fortune.


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