Always Put Away in September: 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Ready To Leave Its One and Only Family


When it comes to cherished heirlooms, some families pass down jewelry, others pass down photographs or antique furniture. For the Thompson family, it’s a gleaming 1972 Oldsmobile 442, a symbol of cherished memories and countless Sunday drives.

Purchased new by Robert Thompson in the fall of 1971, the 442 quickly became a beloved member of the family. This classic muscle car wasn’t just a means of transportation; it was an integral part of family road trips, weekend outings, and nights spent admiring its sleek lines under garage lights. The purr of its V8 engine is something every Thompson has ingrained in their memory.

Every September without fail for the past 50 years, Robert, and later his son Michael, meticulously put away the 442. They prepared it for hibernation during the winter months to ensure that when spring arrived, it shone as brightly as ever and ran with the same smooth hum it had when new. This ritual was more than maintenance; it was a reverent act acknowledging the car’s significance to their family legacy.

Now, as autumn’s crisp air signals another September and another season to stow the beloved Oldsmobile away, there’s an air of finality. With Robert having passed a few years ago and Michael approaching retirement age with no children of his own to pass it on to, the moment has come to consider letting go.

The decision to put the 442 up for sale has not been an easy one. Potential buyers will need to understand they’re acquiring more than just a beautifully preserved muscle car; they are inheriting decades of love and memories respected by every member of the Thompson family.

For those who love classic cars and appreciate vehicles with storied pasts, this 1972 Oldsmobile 442 represents an opportunity unlike many others. Its engine may roar powerfully on open roads, but its true worth lies in its well-loved history—a history that will soon be ready to make memories with another lucky family.

As this September prepares to greet winter once more, so too does the Thompson family’s legendary Oldsmobile prepare for its final journey—the one where it says goodbye to its first family and eagerly awaits embracing a new home filled with fresh adventures and tender care.


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