Jet2 sold us a package holiday that didn’t exist – now it’s our problem to fix it


Booking a holiday should be an exciting experience, filled with anticipation for a much-needed break from the daily grind. Unfortunately, for some travelers who booked their dream trips with Jet2, the excitement turned to frustration and disappointment. This is the story of how Jet2 sold us a package holiday that didn’t exist and left us scrambling to fix the mess.

It all started with an attractive offer: a week-long vacation in the sunny Mediterranean, complete with flights, accommodation, and even some extras like breakfast and excursions. The deal seemed too good to pass up, so we booked without hesitation. Little did we know that this seemingly perfect package holiday was about to turn into a nightmare.

As the departure date approached, suspicions began to arise. First, there were issues with our booking confirmation – we received several emails with conflicting details about our flight times and hotel reservations. When we contacted Jet2 customer service, we were assured that everything was in order and that any discrepancies would be resolved before our trip. We decided to trust their word, assuming these were minor hiccups.

However, things took a turn for the worse when we arrived at the airport. Upon checking in, we discovered that our flight was overbooked and there were no seats available for us. This initial setback set the tone for what was to come. After hours of tense negotiations and waiting, Jet2 eventually managed to find alternative flights for us – but they came at the cost of spending an extra day traveling and missing out on part of our vacation.

When we finally reached our destination, the problems continued to pile up. The hotel we were booked into had no record of our reservation. This meant more time wasted at reception while the staff tried to sort out the mess. After what felt like an eternity, we were grudgingly offered a different room – one that did not live up to expectations or match what had been advertised in Jet2’s promotional material.

The situation worsened as we attempted to make use of the extras included in our package. The ‘included’ breakfast turned out to be a basic continental selection far removed from the full English spread promised in our booking confirmation. Similarly, the excursions we had looked forward to were either fully booked or canceled altogether.

Throughout this ordeal, contacting Jet2 customer service proved consistently challenging and unhelpful. Each attempt resulted in long wait times and unsatisfactory responses that left us feeling ignored and undervalued as customers.

In conclusion, what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday turned into a stressful experience due to Jet2’s mismanagement and false advertising. This unfortunate series of events serves as a cautionary tale for travelers: always double-check your bookings and don’t hesitate to question discrepancies early on. Most importantly, ensure you have contingency plans in place because sometimes; it ends up being your problem to fix unresolved issues initiated by others.

We hope that by sharing our story, other travelers can avoid similar disappointments and choose more reliable options when planning their next break abroad.


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