Kawasaki Motors Recalls 70,000 Engines Due to Fire Hazard



Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has issued a recall of approximately 70,000 engines due to a potential fire hazard. The recall affects certain models of Kawasaki engines used in various applications, including generators, water pumps, and pressure washers.

Reason for the Recall:

The recall was initiated due to a defect in the engine’s fuel system, which can cause fuel to leak and potentially ignite, resulting in a fire. The affected engines were manufactured between 2012 and 2022 and were sold through various retailers and distributors nationwide.

Affected Models:

The recall includes the following Kawasaki engine models:






What You Need to Do:

If you own one of the affected engines, you should immediately stop using it and contact a Kawasaki authorized dealer or distributor to schedule a free repair. The repair will involve replacing the fuel system component with a new one.

Additional Information:

 Consumers can contact Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. at (866) 802-9381 or visit their website at [www.kawasaki.com](http://www.kawasaki.com) for more information.

 The recall was conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

 Consumers can also report any incidents or injuries related to the recalled engines to the CPSC at [www.saferproducts.gov](http://www.saferproducts.gov).

Important Safety Reminder:

It is essential to take immediate action to address this recall, as the potential fire hazard can cause serious injury or property damage. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Kawasaki or the CPSC.

Stay safe, and please share this important recall notice with anyone who may be affected.


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