Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD adds in a Nintendo DS for navigation


In a thrilling update for fans of the classic Luigi’s Mansion series, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD introduces an innovative feature to enhance gameplay—the integration of a Nintendo DS for navigation. This inventive twist adds a layer of nostalgia while providing a seamless and immersive experience for players.

The original Luigi’s Mansion 2, also known as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, was celebrated for its engaging puzzles, atmospheric graphics, and lovable characters. Now, with the HD version on modern platforms, the game’s developers have taken it a step further by incorporating the Nintendo DS as an in-game tool. Players can now use the timeless handheld device within the game world to navigate haunted mansions and track down elusive ghosts.

This new feature pays homage to Nintendo’s rich history of portable gaming while adding practical functionality. As Luigi, players access the DS to view maps, receive mission updates, and interact with various gadgets designed to aid in ghost-hunting adventures. The dual screens of the DS come into play—one screen displays a detailed map of the current mansion level, pinpointing Luigi’s location and objectives, while the other keeps track of collected items and vital stats.

The developers have ensured that this element fits organically into the storyline. Keen-eyed players will notice subtle nods to other beloved Nintendo franchises hidden within the DS interface. From familiar sound effects to Easter eggs referencing classic games, this feature is a treasure trove for long-time fans.

Moreover, integrating the Nintendo DS aligns perfectly with Luigi’s distinctive character—a quirky underdog equipped with creative gadgets to conquer supernatural challenges. It reinforces his resourceful nature and adds to his charm as he fumbles through spooky environments with his trusty Poltergust.

With enhanced graphics, improved controls, and this remarkable addition of Nintendo DS navigation, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD promises both veteran fans and newcomers an enriched experience. The blend of old-school nostalgia with modern upgrades reaffirms why this series remains a cornerstone of Nintendo’s gaming legacy.

In conclusion, the inclusion of a Nintendo DS for navigation in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD offers an inventive twist that is sure to delight players. It combines functional gameplay enhancements with a loving tribute to Nintendo’s handheld history, making this release a must-play for enthusiasts of all ages.


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